The end is nigh!

12-21-12 is closing in on us and odds are we're going to see some crazy stuff. We don't think everyone will perish though, which is why we're giving away a kick ass survival kit to one lucky winner survivor.

BioLite CampStove

Forget the fuel, this stove allows you to cook your meals and boil water with just sticks and twigs. As an added bonus, you can charge your gadgets, although you’ll probably have no one to talk to once the world ends.

Kammok ROO Hammock

A hammock that can be placed literally anywhere, made of a lightweight, tear resistant, and breathable LunarWave fabric.

Scottevest Travel Vest

A lightweight and breathable vest with over 24 pockets and compartments to carry all of your survival essentials.

KOR Vida Hydration Vessel

This durable 750ml steel bottle will store your water and keep you hydrated so you can run from the zombies that are sure to emerge from these trying times.

Best Made Co. Hudson Bay Axe

A portable, versatile, and razor sharp axe to chop wood for your fire or even to build a shelter.

Best Made Co. First Aid Kit

Just in case you get an injury, you’ll have a first aid kit to bandage yourself up.

Gerber Bear Grylls Kit

This 16 piece all-in-one survival kit is for the most hostile environments. Includes: waterproof matches, hand saw, fishing kit & more.

Moleskine Notebook

You’ll probably want to document your journey as the only survivor when the world ends. With this portable and durable Moleskine notebook you can do just that.

House of Jerky Beef Jerky

You may get tired of fishing and hunting for food, so this beef jerky will keep you going. Contains over 5 different jerky flavors.

Spotlight Flashlights

A rechargeable LED light that shines over 350 ft. with an emergency strobe function & a pen sized light for when the moonlight just doesn't cut it.

Kelty Frisco Backpack

A multi-functional pack that can easily be used for any activity, like carrying all your necessities when the world ends.

Cards Against Humanity

What better way to keep yourself entertained than to play a card game that reminds you just how horrible humanity really is.. errr... was.

$775 Value

USA & Canada Only

Giveaway ends 12-21-2012 11:59 PM EST